T-Virus Outbreak Emergency Procedures

Appendix T: T-Virus Outbreak

For the purposes of these procedures a T-Virus is defined as a contagious illness outbreak that results not only in effects similar to those normally found in zombies, but also includes mutation effects in 35 percent or more of the population infected  For lower level infectious disease outbreaks or those without mutation, refer to Illness Outbreak – local, small scale or Zombie Apocalypse.

This plan assumes a viral disease which is a blood contact contagion with a fatality rate of 100% of those infected. Unlike other contagions, the T-Virus is effective on both living and dead human hosts, complicating eradication efforts. In addition, unlike zombies, those infected with the T-Virus often display mutation, combined with increased speed, endurance and persistence in obtaining their goal – fuel in the form of human flesh.

Potential Issues:

With T-Virus in 35 percent of the population, businesses should expect up to 25 percent of their staff to be away from work in the peak period of infection. Some will be infected, and others will be fleeing populated areas or barricading themselves in their homes. There may also be school closures and other pandemic-related public health measures that effect the work force. These efforts will be compromised due to a lack of information from public sources, as it is likely that the true nature of the infection will be concealed. Furthermore, history has shown that national governments will resort to “sterilizing” the area of infection using nuclear weapons in as little as seven days.

First Signs:

The next T-Virus is expected to emerge outside of Canada (the majority of new pandemic strains emerge in Asia) and to arrive in Canada within a period of three weeks. It could arrive at any time of year. The first peak of illness could occur within two to four weeks after the virus arrives in Canada; the first peak in deaths can be expected approximately one week later. The pandemic will likely last 12 to 18 weeks, and may include up to three waves of illness during that period. Each wave of illness is expected to last between six and eight days barring any “sterilization” efforts as noted above.

Stage 1:  Aware and Alert

All staff are directed to remain aware and alert to emergent T-Virus scenarios communicated via the mass and/or social media.  In particular, bi-lingual staff with Mandarin and Cantonese skills are urged to monitor reports (particularly unofficial reports) of unusually violent suppression by Red Army units of small, localized citizen uprisings. In addition, all staff is urged to report any noticeable but unannounced emergency planning arising in the public sector, such as increased security around public facilities or unexplained appearances of military forces in suburban areas.

Once aware of an emergent T-Virus outbreak staff may have as little as three hours to react.  Senior staff should add T-Virus planning to their meeting schedules and discuss with all staff measures to be taken to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the contagion.  Vaccination, TVP if available, is advised. Senior staff should be briefed on the contents of the “SOLAR kits” as outlined in Appendix Z (Zombie Apocalypse).

Stage 2:  Prepared and Poised

Stage 2 of the plan can be put into effect once the T-Virus has been identified in Vancouver.  As an international travel hub and port, Vancouver is a likely early transmission point for any outbreak.

Staff should retrieve and distribute contents of the Z-kits as detailed elsewhere in this document. Staff should assume a 25% absenteeism rate due to staff being out of position or victims of infection.  No allowance should be made for late-arriving staff, as they are a likely source of infection and security breach.

Facilities liaison and office management staff should institute increased security, as outlined in the Stockade of Last Absolute Resort (SOLAR) section of Appendix Z (Zombie Apocalypse).

Stage 3:  Infected but Intact

Facilities staff should distribute the items found in the SOLAR kit.  Distribution of these items should be based on staff training, prior experience with such items and a willingness to deploy them as required.  A quick inventory of staff health, supplies and fortification should be conducted by senior staff.

The General Director will determine when, if appropriate, to leave the stockade. It should be noted that sterilization efforts by national authorities have included quarantine of infected areas, and destruction of those areas after as few as seven days if the infection is not brought under control.

The SOLAR, while well-suited for defense, is not adequate as a shelter against sterilization efforts as have been previously deployed. With this in mind, a detailed set of  “as built” plans of the below-grade portions of the building, including access points to the mid-twentieth century steam tunnels originally used to heat the older portion of the building, has been included in the SOLAR kit. In addition, a late twentieth century schematic of this steam tunnel system, which runs throughout the downtown core, has been included.

PLEASE NOTE: While the accuracy of the map of the building systems has been verified, the security of these sections of the building has not.  In addition, the accuracy of the downtown schematic is impossible to verify.  Extreme caution should be exercised if this option is chosen. Good luck and Godspeed.

Further reading:

Tyrant Virus: http://residentevil.wikia.com/Tyrant_virus

Umbrella Corp: http://projectumbrella.net/

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