The parable of the most forgetful man

Manila Bulletin, June 29, 2003

HE was originally a full-time farmer. And a good one at that. But with a growing family and limited land available, he decided to take on a more regular paying job in town.

First, he became an all-around helper in the storage area of a fertilizer company. He was observed to be conscientious and hardworking. But most of all, the supervisor noted how well he got along with the other employes. He also showed great potential as a salesman.

In a short span of time, he had become the star fertilizer agent. He seemed to be able to persuade almost anyone to buy their brand of fertilizer. Whether the customers were mere tillers or big land owners, the result was the same. People bought their companys products.

It was probably in great part a result of his being a farmer himself. He knew exactly the way to convince and motivate the client. Best of all, he used language the farmers understood.

There was only one problem. He was a notoriously forgetful man. And that became the main stumbling block for his full promotion as a supervisor. But the owner of the company was convinced that his selling ability was the prime consideration.

But he is the most forgetful man I know, objected the senior personnel manager to the owner. If you like, let us test him.

All right, do that so I can understand your objective. Send him on a specific errand, suggested the proprietor.

The forgetful employe was called. Go to the bus station and buy a copy of the Philippine Star. I want to read the newspaper while waiting for a client.

Dutifully the employe left and proceeded to the bus station three blocks away from the fertilizer office.

It took him almost an hour. And when he finally returned, he had no newspaper.

What happened? inquired the manager.

In an excited voice, the employe recounted, I met a landowner in the bus station. The opportunity presented itself so I introduced our fertilizer. And you know what? I sold half a million pesos worth of fertilizer on the spot.

The supervisor faced the company owner and said. See what I mean? He completely forgot the newspaper we specifically asked him to buy.

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  1. Great story!

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